Dewalt DCS355 vs DCS356

Dewalt’s Oscillating Tools are a popular choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. The DCS355 and DCS356 are both great options, but which one is right for you? In this post, we’ll take a look at the key differences between these two tools to help you decide.

Dewalt DCS355:

dewalt dcs355

The Dewalt dcs355c1 is the perfect tool for professionals or DIY enthusiasts alike. It has a Dual-grip variable speed trigger that gives users ultimate speed and application control, enabling them to get the results they want in no time. Its bright LED light helps illuminate dark work surfaces for accurate cutting, and its universal accessory adapter makes it compatible with most oscillating tool accessory brands.

This model also comes with a 20V MAX system, which gives you access to over 200 specialty tools. This means that you can use this tool for drills, saws, impact drivers, grinders, hammers, and more. The Dewalt dcs355c1 comes with one lithium-ion battery and a charger so you never have to worry about running out of power. It also includes a universal adaptor, blades, and a three-year limited warranty with one year of free service and 90 days of satisfaction guaranteed.

This Dewalt dcs355c1 is lightweight at 5.63 pounds, making it easy to transport from job site to job site. Its dimensions are 5x 14 x 7 inches, making it the perfect size for your toolbox or workbench. The Dewalt dcs355c1 is designed to handle any cutting task you can throw at it; whether you’re a professional or just starting out, you can trust this tool to get the job done right.

Overall, the Dewalt dcs355c1 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable oscillating tool. Its variable speed trigger gives unparalleled control while its bright LED light makes precision cutting easy and accurate. With its universal accessory adapter, lightweight design, and generous warranty, you can count on this Dewalt model for years to come. Whether you’re a pro or an avid DIY enthusiast, the Dewalt dcs355c1 is sure to meet all your needs!

  • Dual-grip variable speed trigger provides precise control of the tool’s speed.
  • Bright LED light allows for visibility in dark spaces.
  • Universal accessory adapter works with most oscillating tool accessories.
  • Part of the 20V MAX system for use in other Dewalt tools.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use.

    Dewalt DCS356:

    dewalt dcs356

    The Dewalt dcs356c1 20v MAX XR Oscillating Tool Kit is an essential tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast. This kit comes with a brushless motor, dual grip variable speed trigger, universal accessory adaptor, quick change accessory system, and LED light that illuminates dark work surfaces to ensure accuracy while cutting. With its 3-speed selector, users can choose their speed setting based on the application and the powerful battery allows it to run up to 57% more than other brushed motors.

    The Dewalt dcs356c1 oscillating tool is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and efficient tool that can handle even tough tasks like sanding wood or polishing metal surfaces. The brushless motor allows you to operate at high speeds while also providing an incredible amount of torque and power. With the dual grip variable speed trigger, you can easily adjust the speed to your needs while having full control over the application. The quick change accessory system allows users to switch out blades and attachments without any need for wrenches, making it more efficient and convenient.

    The Dewalt dcs356c1 oscillating tool is also equipped with bright LED lights that illuminate dark work surfaces for accurate cutting, which makes it even easier to use for a variety of tasks. It comes with a lithium-ion battery included as well as a DCB107 charger, so users don’t have to worry about purchasing additional batteries. The Dewalt dcs356c1 also comes with a wood/metal blade included and a universal accessory adaptor included, making it even more versatile.

    The Dewalt dcs356c1 oscillating tool is backed by the company’s 3-year limited warranty and 1-year free service guarantee as well as their satisfaction guarantee of 90 days. This ensures that users will be able to use this powerful tool for many years without having to worry about any malfunctions or other issues.

    Overall, the Dewalt dcs356c1 20v MAX XR Oscillating Tool Kit is an excellent choice for professionals or DIY enthusiasts who are looking for an efficient and reliable tool.

    • Brushless motor of the DEWALT oscillating tool delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed
    • Dual-Grip variable speed trigger of DEWALT cordless tools gives users ultimate speed and application control
    • Universal accessory adaptor for use with most oscillating tool accessories brands
    • Bright LED illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting

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      Comparison of DCS355 vs DCS356

      The Dewalt DCS355C1 and DCS356C1 Oscillating Kits are designed to provide users with ultimate speed and control in a wide range of applications. Both tools feature a dual-grip variable speed trigger, allowing users to adjust their speed according to the task at hand. Additionally, both products come with bright LED illumination for accurate cutting even in darker workspaces.

      When it comes to power, the DCS355C1 is powered by a 20V MAX XR Brushless Motor, which offers up to 57% more run time when compared to its brushed motor counterpart. The DCS356C1 also runs on a 20V MAX XR motor but does not offer the same level of runtime as the brushless motor found in the 355.

      When it comes to accessories and attachments, both the DCS355C1 and DCS356C1 come with a universal accessory adapter that allows users to use most oscillating tool accessory brands. Additionally, both tools feature the Quick-Change Accessory System which makes switching between blades and attachments fast and effortless.

      The DCS355C1 also features an additional benefit–a three-speed selector. This selector lets you choose between high, low, or medium speeds depending on your application, giving you even more control over your work output. The DCS356C1 does not have this feature but does offer a bright LED light that can help illuminate dark surfaces for precise cuts.

      In terms of weight and size, the DCS355C1 comes in at 5.63 pounds and measures 14 x 5 x 7 inches, while the DCS356C1 weighs 3 pounds and has dimensions of 14.38 x 4.8 x 9.73 inches, making it slightly smaller than its counterpart.

      Finally, both products offer a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service, and 90 days satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

      In summary, if you are looking for an oscillating tool with exceptional speed control and runtime capabilities, then the Dewalt DCS355C1 is your best bet. However, if you need a tool that can provide precise cuts thanks to its bright LED light and smaller form factor then the DCS356C1 is the one for you. Both products offer a great selection of features and come with Dewalt.

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