Dewalt DCS367 vs DCS368

The Dewalt DCS368 and the Dewalt DCS367 are both reciprocating saws that have a lot of features in common. But there are also some key differences between these two models. So, which one is right for you? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these two saws and help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

Dewalt DCS367:

dewalt dcs367

The Dewalt dcs367b Reciprocating Saw is a powerful and compact saw that is perfect for use in tight spaces and between studs. It has a 4-position keyless blade clamp, variable speed trigger, and bright LED lights to illuminate dark work areas. Weighing just 5 lbs., it features a 1-1/8 inch stroke length, variable speed up to 2,900 SPM, one lithium-ion battery (not included), and a 3-year warranty with one-year free service and 90 days satisfaction guaranteed.

The Dewalt dcs367b Reciprocating Saw comes with a high-speed steel blade that can be changed quickly without any extra tools thanks to its 4-position keyless blade clamp. The trigger also offers variable speed control, up to 2,900 SPM, which enables you to tackle a variety of tasks with precision and accuracy. Additionally, it is equipped with a bright LED light that illuminates dark work areas and allows you to see exactly what you are cutting.

The Dewalt dcs367b Reciprocating Saw also offers up to 2 times more runtime than other models thanks to its 20V battery-powered power source. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver at only 5 lbs., making it ideal for professionals who need a reliable tool on the job site. And lastly, its 3-year warranty gives peace of mind knowing your investment will be protected against defects in material or workmanship.

Overall, the Dewalt dcs367b Reciprocating Saw is a powerful, lightweight tool that offers maximum runtime and multiple speed settings. Its keyless blade clamp and bright LED lights make it easy to use while its 3-year warranty adds extra protection against defects. Whether you’re a professional or just getting started with a DIY project, this saw is sure to deliver the power and precision you need.

  • Lightweight at 5 lbs. for easy portability and use in tight areas
  • Variable speed trigger delivers up to 2,900 SPM for fast-cutting power
  • 4-Position blade clamp allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • Bright LED light to illuminate work areas
  • Brushless motor for extended runtime and longer life
  • Compact size fits in between studs and tight spots

    Dewalt DCS368:

    dewalt dcs368

    The Dewalt DCS368 is a versatile and powerful reciprocating saw that is great for a variety of projects. With its 1-1/8 inch stroke length and variable speed trigger, it delivers consistent cutting power at up to 3000 strokes per minute. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it comfortable to use, while the bright LED light provides improved visibility in low-light work areas. Additionally, this tool features Dewalt’s POWER DETECT Tool Technology which detects high-capacity batteries to maximize output and runtime.

    The tool also has several convenient features such as a keyless lever-action blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes without additional tools, a color-coded system with yellow representing corded models, high-speed steel blades for longer life when cutting through tough materials, and a brushless motor for improved performance. In addition, it comes with a three-year warranty, one year of free service, and 90 days of satisfaction guaranteed so you can have peace of mind when using this tool.

    Overall, the Dewalt DCS368 is a great choice for a reciprocating saw. It has plenty of power and features to make any job easier, and its long-term reliability makes it an excellent investment. Whether you’re a professional contractor or DIYer, the DCS368 is sure to meet your needs and provide dependable performance for many years to come.

    • Extremely power efficient and reliable
    • 1-1/8″ stroke length makes for fast cutting speeds
    • Keyless lever blade clamp allows for quick and easy blade changes
    • Variable speed trigger with 0-3000 SPM provides control and fast cutting
    • Bright LED light for improved visibility in dark work areas
    • Brushless motor offers extended lifetime and durability

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      Comparison of DCS367 vs DCS368

      The Dewalt dcs367 and dcs368 are both reciprocating saws designed for powerful and efficient cutting performance. Both saws feature a keyless lever-action blade clamp for easy and fast blade changes, along with variable speed triggers to provide better control over the cutting speeds which range from 0-3000 SPM on the Dewalt dcs368 and 0-2900 RPM on the Dewalt dcs367. They also both feature powers DETECT Technology to detect high-capacity batteries, maximizing tool output for longer runtimes on each charge.

      When it comes to size, The Dewalt dcs367 is more compact at 14.5 inches in length while the Dewalt dcs368 has a 19.75-inch body length so it may be too large for use in tight spaces. The Dewalt dcs367 is also lighter at 5 pounds while the Dewalt dcs368 weighs 8.75 pounds, making it more difficult to handle and control while cutting.

      When it comes to features, both saws feature a bright LED light to illuminate dark work areas, although the Dewalt dcs367 has a slightly brighter light. The Dewalt dcs368 has a special brushless motor that provides more efficient use of power and runs cooler with less wear and tear on the motor over time. Both models come with three-year warranties with one year of free service and 90 days of satisfaction guaranteed.

      Overall, if you are looking for a powerful, efficient, and lightweight reciprocating saw that is perfect for use in tight spaces, the Dewalt dcs367 is the best choice. However, if you are looking for a saw with more power and durability, then the Dewalt dcs368 might be a better option. Both models offer great features to make your cutting projects easier and faster. Ultimately, it all comes down to what specific features you need and which model best fits your cutting needs.

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